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Title: i.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 600
Summary: The first time Lu Han fails as a guardian angel is the last.
A/N: Just something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a little while ;v;


They were on their way to Beijing. Or well, Minseok was, had a business meeting he was substituting in for his father. Luhan, as Minseok would later―much, much later―learn, tagged along as always, as was necessary. Minseok would also later―much, much later―learn that Luhan has an incredible fear of heights. Perhaps his death, when he was human, had been the cause of his strange fear. He had died on his way to Seoul when he’d left for college. But all he remembers in brief flashes from Back Then is the day of his death. Creatures like him weren’t allowed to remember when they were alive and human, can’t remember when they were alive and human.

But Luhan feels wrong. And no gazing at Minseok’s pretty lips, pretty eyes, or small smiles towards his younger sister’s messages could soothe him.

Luhan glances around at their surroundings, or more appropriately Minseok’s surroundings as Minseok checks his bags, watches as several flights’ statuses change on the screen hanging ominously above their heads. Luhan stares, stricken, feet glued to the floor, as the status on their flight flashes from ‘Incoming’ to ‘Missing’ and back within seconds. His eyes dart around the airport, trying to find someone who noticed the change, but Minseok is already walking off towards the gate and pulling his wallet out of his carry-on bag―Luhan can feel him thinking about whether or not to eat Panda Express now or when he lands a mere two hours later, feels him figure that he’s not hungry anyway or at least not right now.―and Luhan is pulled in his direction by an invisible golden thread that gleams brightly from the white light pouring through the large airport windows.

Luhan shuts his eyes as they walk past several screens stating flight status, blindly lets Minseok lead him and tries his best to ignore the flashing neon letters spelling out ‘Missing’ or ‘Crashed’, but they burn and scorch vividly through his eyelids and into his retinas, scarring him until all he can think of are those two words. No one pays mind to Luhan, indifferently stepping around and bumping into the young man staggering through the airport. Luhan thinks about how it couldn’t possibly get worse until Minseok finally sits down at a seat near the window and Luhan collapses onto the floor, ear sealed onto the dirty grey carpet. The vibrations from hundreds of airplane wheels screeching to a halt echo noisily and bounce off of his ear drums bring tears to his eyes.

It feels like they’ve been there for only a few seconds when Minseok stands up from his seat and boards the plane, Luhan is yanked up and once again begins following his Charge. His wrists are a brilliant red from where he wrung at them, despite not remembering he had done so. He feels short of breath and he doesn’t know if the roaring in his ears is rushing water or the sounds from before, it is, nonetheless, constant and frightening. Luhan clutches onto the back of Minseok’s sweater and grips tightly, following him into their aisle and perching himself onto the edge of the window seat’s cushion, wings wrapped lightly around the two.

They’re an hour into the flight, Luhan still perched gently on the edge of the seat. He doesn’t notice when Minseok starts panicking, doesn’t notice when the golden thread connecting the two begins to thin. Luhan doesn’t notice when Minseok stares up at him, instead of through him and his mouth forms the words “Who are you?”, before the sounds can come out in smooth consonants and vowels.


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